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Tabor Centre Braintree

The Provincial Sub Prior, E Kt Mark Harrison, on behalf of the Essex KT Provincial benevolent fund was pleased to donate £400 towards the Tabor Centre in Braintree.

The Tabor Centre, a registered charity established in 1990, offers a unique service in Braintree and the surrounding area. The ultimate aim is for our members to achieve a fulfilled life within their family and the local community. The Members' Management Team is elected to ensure the Centre continues to deliver new opportunities for activities and fundraising that are relevant to the members, coordinating their implementation with the Staff Management Team.

What you can expect:
The Tabor Centre works in partnership with the NHS, Braintree District Council and Essex County Council as well as other local charitable groups such as the Stroke Association, Scope and the MS Resource Centre.

To see more details follow the link to the Tabor Web Page (

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The Provincial Sub Prior (Mark Harrison)
presenting a cheque to Centre Manager Sue.
(Expanded view)

The Province Welcomes New Malta Knights and says goodbye to the Gt. Sub Prior of Malta

The Essex Provincial Malta meeting was held at Saxon Hall on Friday 27th October and 11 Knights were welcomed into the Malta degree.

This special occasion was enhanced by the presence of the Great Sub Prior of Malta, V. E. Kt. Stephen J. Warwick, who
attended and took part in the ceremony on what was his last official visit in that capacity.

The ceremony was conducted by the Provincial Sub Prior, E. Kt. Mark Harrison and the meeting was overseen by the
Provincial Prior, R.E. Kt. Roger Langdon Smith. The meeting was delighted to welcome R.E. Kt. Anthony John Helliar KCM, the Past Provincial Prior.

The address was delivered in dramatic fashion by E. Kt. Malcolm Peter and E. Kt. Chris M Smith.

Following the meeting which was attended by over 120 Knights of the Province 94 Knights dined together including distinguished guests from other Orders in the Province of Essex.

EP and P Prior      

The 11 Malta Candidates (rear rank) together with
Senior members of the Province including the Provincial Prior (R. E. Kt. Roger Smith)
and the Great Sub Prior of Malta, V. E. Kt. Stephen J. Warwick.
(Expanded view)

New Eminent Preceptor for Essex Bodyguard Preceptory.

At the recent installation meeting of the Essex Bodyguard Preceptory no. 562, E. Kt. Daniel Heath, Deputy Great Vice Chancellor, was installed as the Eminent Preceptor for the ensuing year

This prestigious Preceptory, which is open to members of the Provincial Priors Bodyguard - past and present - enjoyed a very good ceremony in which E. Kt. Dan was installed as Eminent Preceptor by E. Kt. Graham Elvidge.

Following the custom in this Preceptory, the new Eminent Preceptor then gave a short talk, which E. Kt Dan delivered on the 'Larmenius Charter' an ancient manuscript reported to detail the transfer of leadership of the Knights Templar after the death of Jacques de Molay.

This talk proved very interesting and was well received by all the members, including R.E. Kt. Roger Langdon Smith, the Provincial Prior and E. Kt. Mark Harrison, the Provincial Sub Prior.

The meeting was saddened by the Passing of V.E. Kt. Robin Fagence and the Knights heard a moving eulogy given by V.E. Kt. Michael Robinson.

All the Knights dined together afterwards in peace and harmony.

EP and P Prior      

E.Kt. Dan Heath Dep.Gt.Vice Chancellor
with the Prov. Prior and Sub Prior and
members of the Preceptory.
(Expanded view)

Annual Knights Templar Family Church Service.

(Sunday 17th Sept 2023).

A very high attendance at the annual Knights Templar Family Church Service received a warm welcome at St Peters in the Fields Church in Bocking, Braintree for what proved to be a very enjoyable event.

Led for the second time by Rev Richard Chand and aided by the Provincial Prelate, V.E. Kt Les Retford, the Church was near to capacity to hear a wonderful Service including the Anthems sung by the Choir under the direction of David Wood.

This annual Church Service is open to all the Knights of the Province along with families and friends as we join with some of the regular congregation in a colourful and moving celebration of the Order and its meaning.

During the service the Knights of the Province offer their recommitment to their faith and to the Precepts of the Order. A dedication is given to the 24 Banners of the Preceptories of the Province.

In attendance was the Provincial Prior, RE Kt Roger Langdon Smith the Prov. Sub Prior, E Kt Mark Harrison accompanied by their wives Veronica and Sharon.

It was also a pleasure to be joined on this occasion by our Past Provincial Prior, RE Kt Anthony John Helliar and his wife Betty.

Afterwards a total of 107 Essex members along with some of the congregation, including the Rev Chand and members of the Church Choir enjoyed Afternoon Tea at the Howard Hall, just a stone's throw from the Church.

The Provincial Prior presented Rev Chand with a donation towards Church funds and an additional donation to the Church Choir, which were both gratefully received.

The planning for next year's Church Service is already under way and the date will be confirmed in due course.

The Choir Process in   P Prior Processing in   2022 Church Service  

The Choir entering in procession
(Expanded view)
The Provincial Prior
escorted by the Prov.Sword
Bearer and Banner Bearer
(Expanded view)

R.E.Kt Roger LangdonSmith
(the Provincial Prior)
(Expanded view)

Processional Cross   Prior with Priest in Charge   2022 Church Service  

The Processional Cross
carried in recession
(Expanded view)
The Provincial Prior presenting
donations to Rev Chand
and the Choirmaster
(Expanded view)

Afternoon Tea
(Expanded view)

Provincial Team Visits Announced for 2023-2024

To see visit dates link to Calendar Pages

Installation of the new Provincial Prior and Sub-Prior for Essex

PPrior +  

The new Provincial Prior with the Grand Master  
(Expanded view)


With the retirement of R.E.Kt. Anthony John Helliar KCT, after 10 years of loyal and unstinting service as the Provincial Prior of Essex at the Provincial Priory meeting on 11th May at Saxon Hall Southend the Most Eminent and Supreme Grand Master Paul Raymond Clement KCT with the officers of Great Priory were in attendance to Install the new Provincial Prior, R.E.Kt. Roger Langdon Smith.

Over 200 Knights attend the ceremony from both the Province of Essex and from other Provinces around the country. Those who attended witnessed an excellent ceremony performed by the Grand Master and his Great Priory team after which 180 sat down to luncheon where a cheque was presented to the Most Eminent and Supreme Grand master for £2,500 to be donated to the Jerusalem Eye Hospital which is the principle charity of the Knights Templar Order.

EP and P Prior   Installation team   2022 Church Service      

EP, Sub-Prior, P.Prior
and D.Gt.Vice-Chan
(Expanded view)
The P.Prior, P.sub-Prior and Installation Team
(Expanded view)

The P.Prior and Sub-Prior
(Expanded view)

Following the Provincial K.T. Installation meeting at Saxon Hall, the newly installed Provincial Prior, R.E. Kt Roger Langdon Smith, attended the Essex Bodyguard Preceptory No. 562 at Howard Hall Braintree on 16th May, where he took the Chair to install the new Sub Prior, E Kt Mark Oliver Harrison.

As a unique occasion in the history of the Province, the meeting was opened up to guests, who together with the members present, showed their wholehearted support and thoroughly enjoyed the ceremony of installation as well as an excellent demonstration of Silent Drill by members of the Provincial Priors Bodyguard.

In the company of the Deputy Great Vice Chancellor, E. Kt Daniel Heath who read the Patent and the Proclamation, it was a truly memorable event. In addition to this most important installation, the Eminent Preceptor, E. Kt Graham Elvidge welcomed 11 members of the Provincial Priors Bodyguard as joining members to the Preceptory.

It was a very happy and successful evening in the history of the Province of Essex.

St Osyth Installation

On Saturday the 15th of April 2023 a KT installation ceremony took place at the Colvin Memorial Temple, Clacton during which Knight Tony Piercy was installed as Eminent Preceptor of St Osyth Preceptory No 496 by Eminent Knight Tony Cartwright.

The Preceptory was honoured by the presence of the Provincial Sub Prior, Eminent Knight Roger Langdon Smith, the Provincial Deputy Marshal, Eminent Knight Mark Oliver Harrison and a number of the provincial bodyguard and other Provincial Officers.

Shown in the accompanying photograph are the representatives of the Knight Templar Province of Essex who were in attendance.

St Osyth's 2023  

The Sub Prior and other members of the KT Province of Essex in attendance together with
E.Preceptor and other members of St Osyth Preceptory. (Expanded view)


A Special Burns Night for W. Bro Peter Bidmead

Against the backdrop of the Burns Night meeting of Blackwater Lodge No. 1977, W. Bro Peter Bidmead celebrated the amazing achievement of reaching 70 years in Craft Masonry. This special occasion was marked by a joint meeting of Blackwater Lodge and Pyfleet Lodge No. 8913, of which W.Bro. Peter was a founding member.

In the presence of the Provincial Grand Master, R.W.Bro. Paul William Tarrant, a 70-year certificate was presented by W.Bro. Rob Eels. Together, the 2 lodges presented W.Bro. Peter with an antique glass, while W.Bro. Anthony John Helliar ‑ the Provincial Prior of Essex ‑ gifted him a bottle of his favourite tipple to put in it.

A true gentleman, W.Bro. Peter also celebrates his 100th birthday in January and continues to be active as a dedicated and much-admired Freemason in Essex. He has also recently been congratulated and received a presentation certificate for his 62 years' service and membership of Knights Templar in Essex.

Shown in the accompanying photograph are the representatives of the Knight Templar Province of Essex who were in attendance.

PBidmead 70th  

Members of the KT Province of Essex in attendance (left to right);
W.Bro.'s Chris M Smith, Chris Partner, Paul Humphreys, Anthony John Helliar, Peter Bidmead,
R.W.Bro Paul William Tarrant, W.Bro.'s Rob Eels & Brian Wright.
(Expanded view)



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