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2021 Great Priory Appointments

Congratulations to the following Knights who have received a promotion or first appointment from Great Priory;
      John Robertson       Past Great Herald                          who is promoted to     Past Great Registrar
      Grahan Elvidge      Past Great Aide-de-Camp             who is promoted to       Past Great Herald
      David Parrott          Past Great Warden of Regalia       who is promoted to      Past Great Standard Bearer (B)

   1st Appointments
      Nick Franklin            is appointed to the rank of   Past Great Aide-de-Camp
      Chris M Smith          is appointed to the rank of   Past Great Warden of Regalia

Latest Masonic/COVID Updates

There are a number of requirements and advisory announcements, in respect of the current pandemic, that have been issued by UGLE, MMH and the KT Province of Essex. These are under constant review and are regularly updated.
To ensure you are accessing the latest information see Mark Masons Hall website (
For any Essex KT Preceptories that require further assistance please contact the Essex Provincial Vice-Chancellor

Some words of guidance from the Great Prelate  (13th Nov 2020)    Open Document
Suspension of face to face meetings in England  (2nd Nov 2020)    Open Document
MMH Summary of C19 guidance (Incl Rule of Six and Abandonment)  (18th Sept 2020 - 1 of 2)     Open Document
MMH Unit Admin Guidance for meeting during C19  (18th Sept 2020 - 2 of 2)     Open Document
Personal Message from the R.E. Provincial Prior  (17th May 2020)    Open Document

KT 20 for 2020

   Provincial Priors Information Update  (23rd July 2020)    Open Document
   Personal Message from the R.E. Provincial Prior  (17th May 2020)    Open Document
   Appeal Guidance Notes from MMH   (14th May 2020)    Open Document
   Great Priory (MMH) Website including information    Open Document


Archived Items

Link to Archived Items     Open Link