Provincial Priors Address

The R.E. Provincial Prior's Message - 14th May 2020     Open Document

The R.E. Provincial Prior's Address - 14th May 2020     Open Document


KT 20 for 2020

Personal Message from the R.E. Provincial Prior - 17th May 2020     Open Document

Appeal Guidance Notes from MMH - 14th May 2020     Open Document

Great Priory (MMH) Website including information     Open Document


Breaking News

A message and Update from our R.E. Provincial Prior - 27th March 2020     Open Document

Reflection on the Present Crisis (Provincial Prelate - 31st March 2020)     Open Document

Health Reporting - Advice for Almoners (MMH - 30th March 2020)
           Registrar's advice - Open Document
           Data Protection for Almoners - Open Document

Suspension of Masonic Activity (MMH - March 2020)
           General Suspension of Masonic Activity - Open Document
           Further guidance on administration during suspension - Open Document

UGLE & MCF Response to Covid-1 (UGLE April 2020)
           Official Communication from UGLE - Open Document