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90th Anniversary of Province of Essex (1930-2020)

On the 30th September 2020 Essex Knight Templars began a year of celebration to mark the beginning of the 90th Anniversary of the founding of the Province as an independent sovereign body under the authority of The Great Priory of the United Religious, Military and Masonic Orders of the Temple and of St. John of Jersualem, Palestine, Rhodes, and Malta of England and Wales and its Provinces Overseas.

This date launched a year of celebration with various events throughout the following twelve months. We had originally hoped to begin these celebrations during 2020 but due to the various restrictions imposed by the Covid-19 Pandemic we have decided to move celebration dinners, banquets and other activities into 2021.

Essex Knight Templar History

The "Essex Knight Templar History" has been created and is now available and in circulation.

Please use the attached flyer to order your copy of the book.

Kindly note that all pre-ordered hard back versions have been distributed - soft back versions are now available and can be obtained by following the attached order form.

90th Anniversary Medieval Banquet    Upated Flyer

A 90th Anniversary Medieval Banquet will be held on Wednesday 29th September 2021 at The Square, Upminster. RM14 1DF. See attached flyer (here) for more information.
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Other 90th Anniversary Events

Details of events will be included in the Calendar link (List of 2020/21 Dates).

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