Provincial Priory of Essex

The United Religious, Military and Masonic Orders of the Temple  

and of St. John of Jerusalem, Palestine, Rhodes and Malta of England and Wales and its Provinces Overseas

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Jerusalem Scene

Spring 2018

A Few Words from the Provincial Prior


Knights Templar (or KT) is in my opinion one of the best Masonic degrees and the Essex Bodyguard is one of the best within the degree. To the past and present members of the bodyguard I thank you for your time, effort and enthusiasm. For the present and future members I hope you will all show the goodwill that I know you will exhibit and for the time, effort and enthusiasm that I know you will put in.


 R.E.Kt. Anthony John Helliar  - Provincial Prior


Members of the bodyguard are chosen on merit, selected by the Provincial Sub-Prior and sanctioned by the Provincial Prior, as a yearly appointment. The purpose of the bodyguard is to accompany the senior provincial officers on their formal visits, to perform duties during these visits (arch of steel and, possibly, junior offices) and to participate at provincial meetings and our annual church parade. It is the equivalent, in other Masonic degrees, of a Provincial Steward .  Attendance at the Provincial Preceptory of Improvement is a good way to be noticed and gain an understanding of the duties required. Performing silent drill successfully at a Provincial meeting is not achieved without much dedication and practice.


Bodyguard Commander: E.Kt. Derek Mersh P.Gt.A-de-C

Deputy Commander: E.Kt. Phillip Poston

Registrar: E.Kt. Bryan McDonald