Provincial Priory of Essex

The United Religious, Military and Masonic Orders of the Temple  

and of St. John of Jerusalem, Palestine, Rhodes and Malta of England and Wales and its Provinces Overseas

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      Prior R.E.Kt. Anthony John Helliar

             Sub-Prior  E.Kt. Roger Langdon Smith P.Gt.St.B.(B.)

Provincial Officers 2018

Invested 10th May 2018


E.Kt. L G T Retford P.Gt.Her.


V.E.Kt. R Fagence P.Gt.Reg.

1st Constable

E.Kt. S A D Clapham

2nd Constable

E.Kt. L J Millross


E.Kt. G V C Elvidge P.Gt. A-de-C


E.Kt. S J Ross


E.Kt. C R Purdy Gt.Her.


E.Kt. P D Hickford P.Gt. A-de-C.

Deputy Marshal

E.Kt. B C Wright


E.Kt. M R Webb P.Gt.A-de-C

1st Herald

E.Kt. S M Cooper

2nd Herald

E.Kt. G W Neath

Standard Bearer (B)

E.Kt. T R Braham

Standard Bearer (VB)

E.Kt. K R Jarvis

Banner Bearer

E.Kt. J E Brindley

Sword Bearer

E.Kt. G J Jeffries

Aide -de-Camp

E.Kt. G Larke

Aide -de-Camp

E.Kt. A J Bannington

Aide -de-Camp

E.Kt. H C Muir

Aide -de-Camp

E.Kt. W G Welsh

Warden of Regalia

E.Kt. E R E Stammers


E.Kt. C Ager

Capt. of Guards

E.Kt. P Thurgood


E.Kt. C B Lowry


E.Kt. H E C White

Comd. Bodyguard

E.Kt. D Mersh P.Gt.A-de-C

Dep.Comd. Bodyguard

   Kt. P Poston

Bodyguard Registrar

E.Kt. B McDonald